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The Main Technologies Applied in Ball Mill

5/26/2013 8:32:26 PM

The normal work and high efficiency of ball mill is closely related to the relevant technologies, the reasonable selection of which will directly influence the powder grinding efficiency of ball mill. At present, there are many kinds of technologies that are applied in ball mill and this paper will mainly deal with the main ones.

ball mill

(1) Lubrication technology

The working environment of ball mill is very bad and its working load is big. To some degree, its using efficiency and service life is determined by its driving device which is closely related to the lubrication condition. The good lubrication technology can extend the running cycle of the ball mill and the changing cycle of the wheel hear, prolong the actual lifespan of the driving bearing, and at the same time, reduce the working amount of maintenance and improve the production efficiency. The traditional lubrication means of ball mill include: bearing grease cup lubrication, big gear ring lubrication with oil, tanker lubrication with oil, thin oil concentrated lubrication, pitch painting lubrication and periodic painting lubrication by man.

(2) Grinding aid

The grinding aid is a type of grinding additive which is used for improving the powder grinding efficiency of ball mill and reducing the electricity consumption of the powder grinding process. At the same time, it will not need a lot of equipment investment, so that the grinding aid is a practical technology with small investment and quick effect, for this reason, it has wide promotional value in the production of ball mill. The major types of grinding aid are three: grinding aid that can just improve the rheological property of the slurry; grinding aid that can reduce the surface free energy and hardness of the particles; grinding aid that can not only reduce the surface free energy and hardness of the particles, but improve the rheological property of the slurry.

(3) Reasonable matching of balls

The ball load, types, proportions of the grinding balls and the refilled ball quantity, refilled types and refilled proportion in daily production will impose huge impact on the processing quantity of the ore grinding and the quality of the final products. In the actual production, the manufacturing companies should choose reasonable matching means according to the actual production conditions.

(4) Noise control.

At present, there are mainly three types of technologies that can control the noise of the ball mill: reduce the working time and the working procedures; reasonably arrange or adjust the installation layout; strengthen the maintenance and management of the ball mill. For now people pay more and more attention to the protection of the environment, the noise control technology and the relevant technologies will get better development in the future.

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