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What Should Be Paid Attention to When Running Drying Equipment?

11/1/2013 10:20:37 PM

In the running process of drying equipment, improper operation or neglecting the details will cause unnecessary safety loopholes. Here Hongxing Machinery shares the correct operation process and standard of dryer machine with the customers.

dryer machine

1. Before starting the dryer machine, the operator should first check the internal and external power supply of the drying equipment to make sure there are no foreign matters inside the net belt and no person inside the machine.

2. In the normal running process of dryer machine, only maintenance personnel, monitor and machinist are allowed to open the door of the dryer machine, and other people are forbidden to open it. When the drying equipment is running, there must be two persons operating it, one goes inside, and the other monitors it.

3. The monitoring person is not allowed to leave without permission. When going side to clean the machine, the machinist is required to go in without gloves.

4. If abnormal condition happens, when going inside, first turn off the emergency stop switch at the door of the dryer machine, and restart the power after cleaning it.

5. The starting and stoppage of the drying equipment must follow the steps: net belt of the dyer machine-long belt of the first floor-minus grade belt of the second floor-vibrating screen-climbing belt-sweeping belt. The materials to be dried should be even in thickness.

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