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The Powerful Application of Cone Crusher in High-Hard Rocks

11/5/2013 10:26:42 PM

Cone crusher is a crushing machine with wide application in the modern crushing industry. It is known to all that the stone production line is a production process formed by various crushing machines to crush and process natural stone. The assembly of the stone crushing plant is flexible, and different types of crushing machines can be freely assembled according to different materials. Cone crusher can be said as the inhabitant of the stone production line.

cone crusher

When processing rocks with high hardness, cone crusher is usually our best partner, and the detailed reasons will be revealed today.

1. Hongxing cone crusher adopts high-quality alloy materials which make it crush the materials with high power. In addition, when processing rocks with high hardness, the abrasion of the equipment will not be serious.

2. The crushing ratio of Hongxing cone crusher is bigger than that of the other types, which means that it can process more materials in the given time, and the practice shows that the output of cone crusher per hour is about 30% higher than that of other types of crushing machine.

3. Cone crusher which makes use of hydraulic clearance system can automatically discharge the foreign matters, so the customers will not need to worry about the damage to the equipment by the foreign matters, not need to spend money to maintain it.

Even though the price of cone crusher is slightly higher than other types of products, seen from long time of point of view, the high investment in the initial stage will provide high returns for the future development, for this reason, it is still worth it.

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