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Measures Available for Enhancing Working Efficiency of Vibrating Screen

2/12/2014 8:17:05 PM

No matter in stone production line or sand making production line, vibrating screen is an indispensable machine. In the using process of this vibration screen, what customers concerns most is its screen efficiency. Here Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. will share with customers the available measures for enhance the working efficiency of vibrating screen.

1. Choose suitable type of vibratory screen

As for moving screen, its screen efficiency is related to the forms of motion of the screen surface. On the screen surface of a vibratory screen, the higher the vibration frequency is, the better the screen effect will be. On the screen surface of a shaker sieve, as the shaking frequency of shaker sieve is lower than that of vibratory screen, the screen effect of shaker sieve is relatively bad. For this reason, customers should reasonable choose the vibratory screen according to the material property to improve the working efficiency as much as possible.

2. Reasonably choose vibrating motor and adjust excitation force

(1) Selection of vibrating motor

Vibrating motor is the exciting source of vibratory screen, for this reason, the maximum excitation force should be in the range of the compound excitation force of the chosen motor, and choose the power of the motor according to the working frequency and maximum excitation force.

(2) Adjustment of excitation force

The productivity and excitation force of vibrating screen is in an exponential relationship and the increase of excitation force will cause a rapid increase of productivity, and the plugging ratio will quickly decrease with the increase of excitation force. Changing the eccentric distance will help to adjust the excitation force.

3. Improve the movement method of the screen surface

The movement method of the screen surface has a great influence on the working efficiency of vibrating screen. The ideal movement method of the screen surface is that the amplitude of the feeding end of the screen surface in the vertical direction should be higher than that of the discharging end. Along the length direction of the screen surface, from the feeding end, the movement speed of materials should decrease progressively.

4. Adopt nonmetal texture screen

Adopting thin and spring screen as the screen base is very conducive to improving the working efficiency of vibration screen. This type of screen is usually made of rubber or Polyurethane material and it can reduce the adhesive force of screen and materials to be screened to make materials produce secondary high-frequency vibration, thus avoiding blockage of screen holes and increasing permeability of materials. In addition, it can alleviate the mechanical effect of materials on screen surface and can sustain the vibration with higher amplitude compared with steel-wire screen.

5. Adopt multichannel feeding method

The use ratio of the screen surface of common vibrating screen, and adopting multichannel feeding is equivalent to increasing the width of screen surface and reducing the thickness of materials that are fed onto the screen, which is conducive for fine materials to contacting the screen surface and going through screen holes, and at the same time, which is able to make full use of the screen surface and reduce the unnecessary transportation of coarse particles, thus improving its working efficiency.

According to the above-mentioned suggestions, Hongxing Machinery believes that they can help customers to enhance the working efficiency of vibration sieve.

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