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The Installation Technology of Main Parts of Ball Mill Grinder

2/18/2014 12:59:25 AM

Scientific and reasonable installation technology is the basis of ensuring normal operation and long time of use of ball mill grinder. For this reason, the builders have to constantly summarize experience in the practice and try to improve the installation skills of ball making machine. High-quality installation skills should give consideration to the installation of all main parts such as chassis, main bearing, cylinder, end cap and gear ring, whose installation method is introduced here by the experts of Hongxing Machinery.

(1) The installation of chassis of powder grinding mill

The installation of the chassis of powder grinding mill involves the installation of reducer chassis, rare tilting fillet chassis, font tilting fillet chassis and motor chassis. Before the installation, it is necessary to check the horizontal elevation and levelness of the chassis with gradienter, spirit level and steel ruler to ensure the level of the chassis; otherwise it is necessary to adjust it with steel-made adjusting wedge under the chassis. When adjusting the level of the chassis, the length of the wedge should be ensured to exceed the center line of the foundation bolt inside the chassis and expose 10~50mm and the width of the wedge should be ensured in the range of 50~60mm and the gradient should be in the range of 1:10~1:20, and then firmly weld the wedges to make sure they will not move.

(2) The installation of main bearing of grinding plant

When the two chassis of the main bearing are adjusted, immediately screw down the foundation bolts and test them. If the test result shows that they conform to the installation requirement, then we can start installing main bearing. When installing main bearing, check the distance between the center lines of the two bearing chassis and make sure it conforms to the installation manual or design paper. In the installation process, the horizontal center line of the two main bearing chassis should coincide, and the error should be controlled within 0.5mm. The nonparallelism of the main bearing chassis should be controlled within 0.5mm/m and the non-levelness should be controlled within 0.1mm/m.

(3) The installation of cylinder, end cap and gear ring of ball mill machine

When installing the cylinder of the ball mill machine, first check the cylinder to make sure its ovality is 4% of the diameter, and check the cleanliness and ovality of the hollow shaft neck to make sure its surface is bright and clean and there are foreign matters.

After completing the procedure, install the cylinder and end cap. Use locating pin to align at the bolt hole of the cylinder and end cap and then use 1/4 bolt to screw it down. After installing the cylinder and end cap, use 0.03mm feeler gauge to make sure all the flange gaps cannot be inserted with a feeler gauge and shift the assembled cylinder and end cap into the main bearing.

Then measure the assembled cylinder and compare the total length of the assembled cylinder and the length of the two journal center and the center distance of the bearing pedestal to make sure it conform to the requirement, and then push the assembled cylinder into the bearing and make sure it is installed in the proper position. Then install the gear ring and the cylinder of the ball making equipment. If the big gear ring is assembled by two pieces, first install the rotation part onto the bearing and then install the big gear ring. If the big gear ring is an integrated part, first install it on the cylinder and then install it onto the bearing as a whole.

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