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Some Attentive Matters during the Operation Process of Rotary Dryer

5/9/2014 3:19:25 AM

No matter which kind of equipment it is, different problems will generate during their operation processes, which is the same as rotary dryer. In order to avoid the serious fault during the operation process of rotary dryer and reduce losses for customers, Hongxing Machinery will give a brief introduction to some attentive matters during the operation process of rotary dryer.

First of all, the two sets of should be adjusted. The location of pinions should be parallel with the view cable. If the dryer is convex or concave, they can be pad below the pedestal. Each set of pinions should be horizontal. It is very important, which directly affects the safe operation of the entire rotary dryer.

Secondly, adjust the gear of rotary dryer. At first, the spring steel plate should be adjusted. Its adjustment method is the same as the large aperture; tooth occlusion is the key to the adjustment of the gear; the top of its surface should be uniform, and you should also pay attention to its slope; then the interval between the head and bottom of the tooth should be equal to or less than 6mm. The adjustment of tooth should focuses on uniformities of its two sides. Use the feeler or lead wire to check if it is proper and then sign symbols.

In addition, after adjusting pinions and gears, the machine can be started. At the beginning, it should be operated in zero-load conditions; the feeding programs can be carried out when it is running smoothly.

Furthermore, if there exist noise or dust phenomenon during the drying process of rotary dryer, you must stop to inspect the equipment immediately, and then restart it after finding out the reasons and solving the problems.

Moreover, during the downtime of rotary drying equipment, please make sure that materials in the machine can be discharged in a clean state, which ensures that the device is not corroded by related materials in order to prolong the service life of its parts.

Certainly, during the practical operation of rotary dryer, other problems may occur, but you needn't be panic, because Hongxing users can receive door-to-door services as long as you call our telephone number for after-sales services, we will offer technical staff to solve your problems.

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