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The Factors Result in Jaw Crusher Abnormally Heating in Operation

6/17/2015 1:31:22 AM

No matter in what kinds of ore mineral processing production lines, jaw crusher is an indispensable processing equipment. It plays an irreplaceable role in the coarse crushing operations of minerals.

We all know that under the condition of a long time operation, it is normal for the dressing equipment to heat up, but if the temperature of the ore dressing equipment is extremely high, then it's time for us to pay attention. Here we will talk about what factors can cause the jaw crusher abnormally heating up during the process of running.

Jaw Crusher

The main factors resulting in jaw crusher abnormal fever in operation involve many aspects. Such as: the oil pump is damaged; The running space between linings is not enough; The rack inner bushing sinks into the rack hole; Channels for oiling are different; The spindle lacks for lubricating oil or even no lubricant; The belt of jaw crusher is too tight; Oil amount is insufficient or excessive; Some impurities enter into the crushing cavity, etc.

When the temperature of jaw crusher is abnormally on the high side, users should timely take measures to check and see it is caused by which factor above, and put forward reasonable solution directing at the cause to deal with it, so as to ensure the working efficiency and service life of jaw crusher.

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