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What Results in the Seal Failure of Cone Crusher?

9/16/2015 7:39:55 PM

When cone crusher is working, there is dust produced. So it is necessary for cone crusher to be equipped with corresponding sealing device. But seal failure may occur during the production course. This article is aimed at introduce the causes for the seal failure of cone crusher.

Seal damage:

1. Seal wear. If the component clearance of cone crusher diminishes, it will make the sealing element extruded and out of shape, and thus lead to serious wear and tear. Or when replacing some of the wear-out parts, because of the different wear-out period of the sealing element and the wear parts, the extrusion pressure of the rubber sealing ring will increase and local deformation finally leads to seal damage.

Cone Crusher

2. Seal aging. Due to the influence of oil, temperature and time, in addition to the poor manufacturing material, the sealing ring is prone to aging which makes the sealing ring lose elasticity and changes the sealing condition, and leads to seal failure.

Seal deformation:

1. Force-deformation. When the crushing wall and rolling mortar wall are breaking ores, the powerful crushing force will make the machine body tilted or vibrating, at this time, the seal element is very easy to be out of its trajectory and shape. The sealing condition will be changed and finally result in seal failure.

2. Improper installation. In the installation and maintenance of cone crusher, or when replacing sealing element, because of the improper installation, the sealing element is easy to be out of shape locally and develop into seal failure.

3. Poor lubrication. The friction locations are easy to be mixed with metallic particles and mineral dust and the seal is always working under the high temperature for a long period, which make the lubricating oil deteriorate with poor liquidity and increase the seal's local resistance, finally leading to deformation.

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