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Production Precautions for Stone Crusher

9/25/2015 11:30:09 PM

Stone crusher is a new type of highly efficient equipment developed by Hongxing on the base of the existing crushers and through the in-depth study on material properties. It has been broadly applied to building materials, coal industry, chemical industry, construction industry and so forth. Nowadays, stone crusher shows up peculiar advantages in the spring tide of our country's infrastructure construction.

Stone Crusher

Along with the increasing demand for stone materials, equipment structure has been improved continuously. But no matter how to improve, it is the same in terms of use. Next, we will introduce the correct way of using stone crusher.

Precautions of production:

1. Stone crusher should be installed on the concrete foundation, and the foundation must be capable of sustaining four times the weight of the equipment. It is optional to install stone crusher in the workshop or outdoor.

2. When installing, we should balance the stone crusher to make its principal axis perpendicular to the level.

3. Even though the equipment has operated loaded before delivery and performed normally, in order to further ensure the smooth production and production safety of the equipment, we still should conduct a thorough inspection after the installation.

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