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Measures to Prolong the Using Life of Limestone Tertiary Crusher

10/27/2015 10:57:11 PM

Limestone tertiary crusher is a piece of commonly used equipment. Accompanied by the constantly exploitation and utilization of limestone, the use of limestone tertiary crusher also becomes more and more widespread. But many users reflect that the hammer head is not durable enough. The hammer head is an indispensable part to limestone tertiary crusher, which plays a crucial role in the internal structure. Then, what measures can prolong its using life?

Limestone Tertiary Crusher

1. Pay attention to the selection of materials

In generally, failures often happen to such hammers which are made of interior materials. Ordinary materials make the hammer head liable to damages. Through smelting metal, casting mould and cooling and solidification, we can get castings with predetermined shape, size and performance. Now in the market, most of the cast hammers are made of 26 chromium alloy.

2. Raise metal availability

That the metal availability of the hammer is reasonable or not will directly affect its using life. For a hammer with fixed weight, its shape and size are what we should take into consideration. So if we want to lengthen hammer's using life, the hammer should get reasonable use in terms of metal availability.

3. Adjust the wear-resistant surface of the hammer

On the surface of the hammer head of limestone tertiary crusher, there is a layer of wear-resisting layer. After the wear-resisting layer is worm out, change the hammer head to the side which is still covered by the wear-resistant layer. It should be noted that the equipment will encounter with various influencing factors during the production. So we must adopt different measures to reduce abrasion according to different factors. By doing this, it is likely for us to prolong limestone tertiary crusher's using life.

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