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Which Type of Crusher Is Suitable for Crushing Chalk?

2/20/2016 1:01:12 AM

Chalk is a kind of white and thin settlings of calcium carbonate. It has a soft texture and wide distribution. Chalk can be used as a kind of plastering material. Besides, it often applies to rubber industry, coating industry, plastics industry, papermaking industry, printing ink industry and so forth. The crushing of chalk cannot leave the support of crushing equipment. Which type of crusher is suitable for crushing chalk, except for jaw type crusher?

1. Cone type crusher

Cone type crusher is suitable for breaking all kinds of ores and rocks with above-medium hardness. So for chalk, this kind of low-hardness material, cone crusher has a good crushing effect on it. The advantages of using cone type crusher to smash chalk minerals lie in that this equipment has an unique inter-granular laminating crushing effect and that it's able to produce in the constant discharge area. In addition, chalk cone crusher has a big rated power, large through capacity, reliable structure, high production efficiency, easy adjustment and economical use.

Chalk Cone Crusher

2. Impact type crusher

Impact type crusher makes use of the impact force to break materials. It's characterized by big feed port, large crushing cavity and small content of stone powder. It can fulfill the first line of crushing on materials. In terms of its assembly components, impact type crusher adopts composite hammers with high strength and wear resistance. There is equipped with reinforcing rib on the joint of the hammer. The striking end is widened, thus increasing the intensity of hammer head and improving its using life and safety. From the whole machine, chalk impact crusher has a light and rational structure design, powerful crushing performance and outstanding crushing effect.

chalk impact crusher

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