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How to Lengthen Mineral Processing Equipment's Service Life?

6/1/2016 7:44:43 PM

Mechanical equipment all have limited working life. No matter which kind of equipment, it must be forced to lay off, especially the mineral processing equipment.

In general, the working life of mineral processing equipment has a direct relationship with the mineral processing process where it is used. For example, the service life of gold ore dressing equipment is much shorter compared with other mineral processing devices. Gold ore dressing equipment mainly consists of multiple crushing machines, grinding machines, classifying machine, mixing barrel, gravity spiral chute, flotation machine and so forth.

Mineral Processing Equipment

In the exploration process of gold ore, it has a quite strict requirement on the dressing equipment. So in the daily operation, we must guarantee the equipment a proper maintenance. Once its durable period expires, we must replace it right away. Although replacing equipment will increase enterprise's production cost, it can ensure a better performance and operation.

Relatively, the service life of iron ore dressing equipment is much longer. The reason why iron ore mineral processing equipment is more durable is that iron ore beneficiation process is simpler and the technical process in easier than gold ore beneficiation process. In the routine use, we should do a good job of equipment inspection and maintenance in strict accordance with the instructions offered by the mineral processing equipment manufacturer. It can significantly prolong iron ore dressing equipment's working life.

Therefore, no matter gold ore beneficiation equipment or iron ore beneficiation equipment, if we want to extend their durable years, in addition to understanding the performance of the equipment, we also need to act up to manufacturer's instruction. Only so, can it be possible to shorten equipment's replacement cycle and save the cost expenditure for users.

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