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Small Improvement in Drying Machine Furnace of Hongxing Machinery

12/15/2016 8:17:54 PM

As the technical manufacturer of the drying machine, Hongxing machinery has been committed to the technology research and development, equipment improvement and technology consulting of the drying machine which is available for the high-viscosity and high-humidity materials. Our constant change, transformation, surmounting and innovation guarantee the superior quality of our drying machine. This paper mainly pays attention to the small improvement in the drying machine of Hongixng machinery.

Dryer Machine

In general, because of the direct flame barbecue of the inspection panel in the drying machine furnace, the inspection panel which is made of the plate type cast iron will be easy to craze and transform. Once the main exhaust blower interrupts, the positive pressure in the furnace will spurt the hot air and flame. Hongxing machinery has made small improvement in the drying machinery furnace according to the analysis of the emerging problems.

1. Produce a new type inspection panel with the 4mm common steel plate. The inspection panel with a large size needs to be weld stiffener with the angle steel. Then weld anchoring parts on the contact surface of inspection panel with the flame and then pour it with the water based castable, which will prevents the direct flame barbecue and gives a uniform heat to the steel plate.

2. Maintain the locating pin of the inspection door to guarantee the flexible switch. At the same time, enhance the inspection and check of the statue of the inspection door.

3. with the less material usage, convenient drawing materials and low manufacturing cost, the updated inspection door is intensely favored by the operators.

The implement of the updated case not only shows the development of a company's technology, but also affirms the market location of the drying machine. Hongixng machinery sincerely serves for you. Consulting email: [email protected]

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