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Four Points Needing Attention in Mining Equipment Daily Maintenance

3/22/2013 10:37:29 PM

Mining machinery maintenance is the premise and basis of application. In the long-term use, mechanical parts may wear, clearance may increase, and matching configuration may change, so the due static balance and dynamic balance may be destroyed, resulting into decreasing stability, reliability and efficiency, which can even bring permanent damage to the assembly and parts.

Therefore, we must establish an effective mining machinery management mechanism, especially intensifying mechanical equipment maintenance management, and strictly implement the rules and regulations. Combining the actual situation, we can work out the maintenance plan scientifically, efficiently and reasonably. A specially-assigned person should be responsible for the inspection, and carry out maintenance work on time according to the wearing conditions. Regular maintenance and a maintenance record should be kept.
The following is the maintenance tips in detail:

Strengthen the crusher equipment maintenance work to prevent false and ignored maintenance. Due to the reason that improper maintenance is the main cause of equipment failure,  maintenance work must be enforced. Maintenance managers should make practical and effective maintenance plan according to the mechanical maintenance instruction, and communicate with machine driving personnel about technical problems. The quality of maintenance work should be carried out at any time and in any situation. At the same time, the mechanism of rewards and punishment should be established in order to strengthen the sense of responsibility, arouse enthusiasm and initiative, and earnestly execute maintenance work and ensure the effective operation.

The daily inspection work should be strengthened and the inspection results must be recorded in detail, including not only the previous maintenance records, parts replacement records, but also daily working situation and workload records, so as to easily analyze and judge mechanical failure to timely and accurately eliminate hidden danger.

Maintenance managers should keep abreast of the condition and understand the overall situation, and then make a reasonable, detailed mechanical maintenance plan, and make instructions and supervise on the maintenance work and purchasing activities to avoid unnecessary maintenance cost.

Enhance the management, establish and perfect maintenance rules and regulations and emphasize the importance of management; perfect data statistics system and put the major and minor faults on record; the personnel should be clear about their respective responsibility under the rules for reward and punishment; supervision on purchase and processing accessories should be enhanced to ensure the quality and quantity of the spare parts.

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