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The Improvement of General Level of Sand Maker Needs Innovation

5/4/2013 12:18:56 AM

At present, the current situation of the sand and stone material industry in China is that the relative backward of the market mechanical sand making technology causes that many sand and stone material production companies cannot provide excellent final sand and stone products. For this reason, even the mixing equipment has splendid performance; the mixed concrete is not good in quality. This problem is very series because it will directly influence the whole lifespan of the buildings. In order to change this, it is imperative to improve the general innovation level of the sand maker technology, and at the same time, when choosing sand maker brand, the sand and stone aggregate plants must pay attention to the technical power of the company.

If the sand and stone aggregate plants want to improve the quality of the sand and stone aggregates, they must take effects to improve the technology of sand maker. At present, the technical level of the sand maker manufacturing industry of our country varies in different companies, so in the future, it is necessary to improve the whole technical level of the sand maker and at the same time, the domestic companies should further increase the investment in research and development technology and equipment application technology.

The improvement of sand maker technology requires constant innovation. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., ltd has firmly grasped the world-level advanced sand maker technology through constant innovation. The new generation VI sand maker researched and developed by our company represents the most advanced artificial sand maker technology in our country. The sand maker technology has a direct bearing on the quality of the sand and stone aggregate. Faced with the future development, the sand maker manufacturing company must keep innovation in order to gain more development opportunities and make new achievements.

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