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Small Improvement in Drying Machine Furnace of Hongxing Machinery

As the technical manufacturer of the drying machine, Hongxing machinery has been committed to the technology research and development, equipment improvement and technology consulting of the drying machine
The Comprehensive Usage of Fly Ash by Hongxing Mining Grinder
The discharging of this amount of fly ash has caused much more damage to the whole mainland environment, which can be one of the fatal elements polluting the environment....

Cement Production Line in Cement
The cement production line is composed of a series of cement production equipments, which mainly contains crushing and pre-equalization, raw material homogenizing, preheat and decomposition, cement cl...

Research on Wetting Process in the Flotation Operation
Research on the flotation process flow has never been ceased, especially on the wetting process in flotation machine operation....

The Composition and Function of the Main Structure System of Ball Mill
The entity modelling of ball mill is divided into three systems: transmission system, implementation system and housing and power system....

Four Points Needing Attention in Mining Equipment Daily Maintenance
Mining machinery maintenance is the premise and basis of application....

Introduction to Sand Production Flow and Supporting Equipment
The sand production line is defined according to the discharging type. The finished product includes building stone and artificial sand....

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