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Small Improvement in Drying Machine Furnace of Hongxing Machinery

As the technical manufacturer of the drying machine, Hongxing machinery has been committed to the technology research and development, equipment improvement and technology consulting of the drying machine
To Create the Objective Profit for the Mining Customers
With more and more support of nation on the basic construction such as the highway paving, railway building and some other national projects, the construction above on can create better developing pro...

The Best Application of New Type Ball Mill in Cement Industry
The new technology of ball mill not only can have the wide application in the cement industry, but also can bring much more developing space and favorable chances at the same time....

The Predication on Market Economy of Modern Mining Makers
The economic developing strategy on mining machinery is one comprehensive research on the basis of the domestic economy. Once we cannot find one suitable and rational plan on the whole progress of the...

To Satisfy the Market Demand for Mining Rotary Dryer
To develop and research the rotary dryer belonging to ourselves must be the most essential matter for the whole mining makers, which is helpful to satisfy the market demand for mining machine in the f...

The Key of Guaranteeing the Performance Characteristics of Jaw Crusher
To decrease the weight is belonging to the scope of structural improvement. At this right minute, the weight of our national jaw crusher is always higher than that of the oversea crushing machine. To ...

The Development Challenges for Mining Mechanical Industry
Our nation has begun to pay much more attention to the building of security housing and to lower the influence of carbon on environment, which asks for the higher standard on the mining products....

The New Developing Tendency of Modern Crushing Industry
The background of our national crushing machine has two aspects, one is the western development and the other is the basic construction....

The Strong Support of Crushing Machine on Railway Paving
Hongxing mining machinery can specially design the advanced production line for the railway paving and highway building according to the new demand for the aggregate used in the construction....

The Hot Popularity of Hammer Crusher in Mainland Market
Jaw crusher and hammer crusher are the key and essential machines in the sandstone production line, which is applied for the crushing rock, limestone, granite and some other mining materials....

More and More Applying Scope of Crusher in Stone Production Line
Crushing machine is mainly used in mining, metallurgy, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and the chemical industry. The common crushing machine used by us includes jaw crusher, im...

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